Thinking of selling your home or other property?

There may be more to it than you realize.

Many Good Reasons for Using a Professional Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker can assist you in many areas, including setting a realistic asking price, reaching prospective buyers, determining the best way to present your home and handling all of the legal and financial arrangements.

1.  Brokers are fully trained and have complete knowledge of the real estate market.

2. Brokers can suggest means of financing and provide contacts with lenders and reputable independent licensed escrow providers.

3. Brokers are well-versed in presenting buyers, and are available for consultation on real estate matters.

4. Brokers have many marketing tools at their disposal, including signs, multiple listing services, open house techniques. promoting your property at Realty Board meetings and many more.

5. Brokers know neighborhoods and advertise their listed properties to attract potential buyers.

6. Brokers are licensed in California and are supervised by the state Department of Real Estate.

7. Brokers also take on assignments to find properties for clients. I heir skill and experience can work equally well in finding the right properties for buyers.

8. Broker’s knowledge of the values of properties and neighborhoods can help in setting a realistic selling price for your property.

9. Some brokers will guarantee a sale by contracting to purchase your property if it does not sell within the terms of the agreement.

10. Brokers shoulder the responsibilities of guiding and directing a sale, thus helping untrained property owners avoid costly mistakes.

You probably wouldn’t select a doctor or attorney without first consulting with friends and business acquaintances, and the same should be true when choosing a real estate broker. Chances are your property is the most expensive possession you own so ask around before making this important decision.

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What to Do When Entering Escrow:

Once you have accepted a bid from a potential buyer, it will be time to choose an escrow company. Although there are many qualified escrow companies, an independent licensed escrow company is the best choice for safeguarding your funds.

Independent licensed escrow companies are the only escrow providers governed by the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) and must meet standards far more stringent than those applied to unlicensed escrow companies. Unlike other escrow providers, independent escrow companies are 100 percent neutral and specialists whose sole business is escrow. Be sure to insist on an independent escrow company.

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